Wednesday, May 3, 2017


I'm sure everyone has heard and seen how the Midwest has been hammered with flooding rain, high winds and tornados.  Our county in Missouri was hit especially hard and many have lost everything they owned.  Fortunately for our area, few lives have been lost but lives have certainly been shaken up and forever changed.  At our home we got 11 inches of rain in 24 hours and narrowly escaped having water flood our home by about 14 inches. 

Short-term projects appeal to me right now, so I got out my embroidery machine and made a few little zippered bags (above).  They are fun and a little dangerous to make......whatever do I mean by dangerous?  I had an unfortunate accident and sewed over my finger while making one of these little cuties.  It happened so fast that it's impossible for me to say exactly how this happened.  It's behind me now and I'm on the mend.  In all my years of sewing I've never had anything like this happen.  I would caution you not to try this....very painful.

Our Sweet Olive is doing well at the moment.  She has some new medication that helps with her appetite, which means she eats well and is able to take her medications.  She is done taking her chemo treatments and now we will continue to love and baby her.  When her condition changes and she has pain we will say our goodbyes to her.  Every day with her is a Gift. 

Thank you, Jan, for your comment.  I think what I wrote about and you deal with also is what was behind sewing over my finger.  Sometimes things happen that show us what frail beings we are.

Wishing everyone a blessed day....thank you for stopping by.