Sunday, March 22, 2015


We share our hearts and home with two special furbabies, Dottie and Olive, our two female Scotties.  I snapped this cute picture yesterday while they were napping.  They often either spoon each other or lay back-to-back.  They are from two different breeders, but they are as closes as sisters because they have lived together since Olive (pink collar) was a wee pup. 

I have the urge to start sewing again and I think I will start off with a Chopped quilt.  The picture below is taken from the Late Summer 2014 issue of BLOCK magazine from Missouri Star.

Jeff and I took a trip to Missouri Star last Fall and I saw two Chopped block quilts made of totally different fabrics.  The design is a variation of the Framed Square block and it's super simple to make.  I wanted to make every quilt we saw on display but I had to narrow it down a little. 

Our days are feeling like Spring and we're getting buds on our trees.  The yellow lilies are coming up green and I see daffodils everywhere we go.  Our fingers are crossed that snow and ice are over with for another year. 

This is a good time to organize your fabric stash and make a To-Do list for Spring and Sumer quilting.  I'm pulling fabric out to make a Christmas quilt for our neighbors.  If I start it now maybe I can get it done by Summer and quilted by early Fall. 

Wishing everyone a blessed Sunday and week ahead.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


This is the first day in weeks I've been able to post.  Our snow and ice have melted off and now we are dealing with our share of mud and muck.  We've had a few warmer days and we enjoyed them immensely.

Hubby will be starting physical therapy at the hospital starting tomorrow.  I hope this works wonders for him. 

As far as sewing is concerned, I'm still on hold for a few more weeks.  I will have a lot of non-sewing time to make up for.  This is not to say I haven't been ordering fabric on the internet and reading and planning a few new projects.

I made a respectable stack of blocks for an Orange Peel quilt and lost interest (for now).  I find it tedious working with the fusible interfacing, etc.  The blocks may turn out to be table runners for friends.  The fabric line is Bluebell by Windham.  Jenny Doan did a very nice tutorial on this block at Missouri Star.   I realize that blue and white is a classic pairing, but blue just isn't my favorite color to work with. When the blocks are all sewn together they form a rounded design that would look great with a scalloped border.

 I'm thinking of making a few Civil War quilts.  The fabrics for these quilts are so beautiful I can't get enough. 

Hoping you are having a wonderful Pre-Spring.  Thanks for dropping in....

Sunday, March 1, 2015


The deep freeze continues.  We got several more inches of snow and a layer of ice on top last night.  Everything I shoveled yesterday was a mere memory this morning.  I went out early today and shoveled and scraped most of our walkway and our wonderful neighbor Steve came over and finished up.  He also knocked the ice off our satellite dish so we could watch TV.

Last night about 9 pm we lost our power but it came on about an hour later.  It went off two more times before morning just long enough to mess up the clocks.  Things seem to be back on an even keel now.  We are expecting extremely low temperatures tonight.  We are hoping our power doesn't go down again.  BTW, I'm totally bored with blogging about the weather, but seriously, it's the only thing happening around here. 

So, what's for dinner today?  I'm thinking along the lines of slices of smoked beef sausage simmered with bbq sauce with a side of macaroni and cheese and a vegetable.  That sounds good to Jeff.  I had to cook chicken breasts for the Girls' meals this morning.  I boil 15 pounds of chicken breasts and shred it and package it for the freezer.  They eat chicken, broth and Blue dog food twice a day.  They never seem to tire of eating the same thing all the time.  They get a variety of snacks between meals. 

I hope to get some sewing done next week.  Didn't I say this last week, too? 

Stay warm and cozy wherever you are.