Wednesday, December 5, 2012


There's a lot of excitement about the Twister ruler for making pinwheel blocks the easy and fast way.  I've had a Twister tool for a while and find it a little fussy to use, but this morning I decided to give it another chance.

I saw this design online recently and failed to make a note of where I found it, but it was posted as a tutorial and has been going around for a while.  Kudos to the designer!  This pattern makes a darling Christmas wreath that finishes at 18.5 inches before adding the outermost border.  I haven't added my last border yet.

You will need:

1)   25 5-inch squares of fabric (9 white, 1 red and 15 assorted green).  Having contrast in your greens helps the overall look.

2)  White border cut 3 inches wide

3)  Small Twister Ruler (Lil' Twister)

Sew your blocks together following this diagram.  Press well and add white borders all around.  I used spray starch for the final press.

Follow the directions that came with your small Twister ruler to cut and assemble blocks row by row.  I highly recommend you cut and sew one row at a time.  I find I can confuse myself using this technique with very little effort!!

The difficulty I found with the Twister in the past was with the cutting around the tool.  You need to be very careful to not cut beyond the tool because you can cut a slit in the adjacent block to be cut.  In case that happens, it's a good idea to have a few extra blocks hand to 'recreate' the cutting area where the problem happened. 

Once your center is complete, add an outer border if desired.  Quilt and bind.  I will be giving my wreath to my LAQer who has no time to quilt for herself!



  1. I've had the Twister ruler forever and have never used it. I have the book also, but feel threatened by it for some reason. After reading your blog, I understand it now. No one has shown me a before and after ever. I get it now!! Thank you so much. I will try a wreath to begin with. Gee, thanks again. Jeanne

  2. I never got around to buying a twister ruler , I might give one a go next year . Your little hanging looks good

  3. I love your Christmas wreath, it is very, cute