Monday, December 3, 2012


I think the table runner giveaway was a success.  I hope everyone likes their runners.  Most of them are in the mail already ~ I'm just waiting for the last few winners to contact me.  They were very curious about what I was mailing at the post office today.  Turns out the clerk there is a new quilter! 

My husband Jeff was supportive every step of the way.  He put his Santa gear on and drew the winning names for me 'to keep it honest!'
He got a chuckle when I told him someone said he was a sexy Santa!

I guess things will slow down a little for me now.  Normally I don't sew that much in December.  I like to take the last month of the year to put my sewing room in order and make plans for next year.  I also like to reflect over the things I've made during the current year and figure out what direction to head toward next year. 

In 2012 I made three large quilts ~ two were kings.  The Log Cabin was a quilt I started several years ago.  Looking back I can see all the turns and changes my life has gone through since I started making it.  In my opinion, this is the most significant quilt I've made.  It was completed in April 2012.  The other king quilt was the Luna Notte quilt.  It's a simple framed square quilt made from the luscious collection of fabrics by Moda called Luna Notte.  It was completed in June 2012.   I love this quilt.  My daughter (who normally doesn't care that much for quilts) wants one from the same fabric and pattern for herself.  It will be similar, but not identical to ours.  After much searching I was able to find more of the fabric online.

Another large quilt (queen) was made from Prayer Flag by Moda.  The colors are lively but not wild and it looks good in our home.  I used the Jellyroll+Layercake tutorial from Missouri Star for the pattern. 

In the Fall I completed a fairly large Wacky Web quilt from Halloween prints.  I find Halloween prints so much fun to work with.  The prints are so cute and the colors are so vibrant.  All of the quilts mentioned above can be found in previous blog segments. 

Throw in a few quilts for benefits, several group projects, four Jellyroll Race quilts and a quilt for my daughter made from a hand-printed Indian textile, and it was a good year of sewing for me.  Let's not forget 17 table runners for the drawing here and several others for us and for a few friends and family.  Yes, it's been a productive year.

I almost forgot ~~  In August I got a new sewing machine which sews and embroiders.  I spend countless hours lost in the joy of machine embroidery.  Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!

As far as looking toward next year, I want to make a few baby quilts for my great grandchildren.  I may not become a great grandma for several years yet, but I want to make a few and have them ready.  I also still have a few UFO's to finish and the Luna Notte quilt to make for my daughter.  I would also love to make an Irish Chain quilt in red and white.  It sounds like a great new year to me!  I will be here to share it with you.....

Wishing you a life filled with Peace & Plenty!    Barb


  1. I received my tablerunner today - thank you so much! It's so funky! Just my style. Thanks, Barb!

  2. Barb...I absolutely love my table runner!! In fact, I was trying to purchase some of the "shoe" fabric a couple of days ago but was unsuccessful. I love dots, also. It is perfect for me. It's going on my coffee table after I clean it off today. Thank you for all your hard work. It's so easy to give away fabric or's another thing to make something for someone. Thanks a bunch, Jeanne

  3. Thank you for my runner!! I love me some chickens!!