Thursday, August 30, 2012

A New Endeavor

It has been an interesting week trying to conquer the technical aspects of downloading, formatting and transferring embroidery files onto cards for use in my new sewing machine.  Before this task I mistakenly thought I had above average computer skills, but I've had to admit I don't know much at all!  This has been a good learning experience for me.  My friends at Missouri Star have been fabulous about helping..hats of to Jean and Ruby!!!  You girls are awesome, as well as all the others who offered tips and moral support...thanks to everyone!!

This is a test design I thought I could use as a filler block in a Halloween quilt, but it has way too many stitches and is too stiff.  I just used whatever color thread I had on hand, so the eye socks look like he's wearing sunglasses.  Oh well....!  The design is from Embroidery Library...great designs, wonderful service and good prices!

I wish I could tell you I finished this and finished that in the sewing room over the weekend, but the best I could muster was sewing some strips together for a modified Fence Rail quilt.  I am following the tutorial from Missouri Star Quilts Company for Fence Rail With Diamonds.  It straightforward, but getting the diamonds to match can be tricky for me.  The fabric is Asian Legacy and the colors are beautiful.  This may go to my MIL, she loves blues and greens.

Wishing you a quilty day filled with
Peace & Plenty!


  1. :) Love the Skull and Smoke, Zander would think he was super cool on a Halloween bag.

    Glad you got the downloading worked out and now to buy thread! I did some embroidery work myself today and realized a dozen colors wasn't enough! They were all Penny colors and I needed Zander colors. Only was able to do 3 things. To shop I must. lol

    Love how your blocks are coming along, your MIL will enjoy it for sure...

    Huggers, Ruby

  2. I love the colors, I bet your MIL loved it and especially because, it was made by you with love.