~~ The Girls ~~

I have been Mom to Scottie dogs for about 45 years.  Our first Scottie was a cute little brindle female that we named Brandy Sue (aka BooBoo).  She quickly bonded to my daughter who was about 7.  She was a tenacious and loyal pet who lived to be 17 years old.  Late in life she had a major stroke that left her blind.  We brought her home from the dog hospital and helped her cope with her disability and she did quite well for a respectable period of time before we had to say goodbye to her.  She was our 'Water Scottie".  Brandy loved to swim in the pool and took every opportunity to jump and swim until she had to be hauled out to dry off.  She was a sweetheart and will forever be greatly missed.

My second Scottie was Chloe Ann (aka Chlobug).  She was my Scottie and mine alone. She was sweet and loyal unless you drove a UPS or FedEx truck or, heaven forbid, were a mailman.  She would go into rages that took her half an hour to calm down from.  How dare those interlopers come to her door! Chloe left us at the tender age of 11.  This nearly broke our hearts.  She was a beautiful black Scottie girl.

My third Scottie was Miss Molly, who was sweet beyond measure.  She was loyal to me through thick and thin and when we lost her last year on April 4th at the age of 14 I truly thought my heart would break in half.  She is buried in our yard and Jeff and I still shed tears for her. I held her in my arms when she left this world to begin her journey to Rainbow Bridge.   If you or someone you know are grieving over the loss of a dear pet, please click on the link above and read the Rainbow Bridge poem.

Last summer my daughter asked if we could babysit her two female Scotties for a few months while she and the grandkids got re-settled.  We agreed and in July 2013 Miss Dottie & Sweet Olive came for an extended summer visit.  About three months later, following a family meeting, we were told that we could keep the Girls because they would be better in the country with us than cooped up in small apartments with limited attention. 

Dottie and Olive have brought so much joy and new life into our home.  Meet The Girls:

Miss Dottie ~ 6 years old

Sweet Olive doing what she does best!

I write so much about the Girls that I thought it best to give them their own page. 

Miss Dottie is small for a Scottie and Sweet Olive is unusually tiny for a Scottie although she's a little too plump.  People often mistake Olive for a pup, but she will be 5 years old this month.  Dottie will be 7 in October.  They are not related to each other but they are so totally bonded to each other that sometimes it seems like Dottie is Olive's Mom.

Miss Dottie is the most stubborn Scottie I've ever known.  She and I have a great bond but sometimes the stubborn Scottie in her and this Irish woman lock horns.  I've learned to pick my battles with Dottie.  We are learning to practice the art of compromise!  Dottie's favorite thing in the world is playing with a water hose.  She goes wild for water yet she hates to go outside in the rain!  Sweet Olive hangs back from the water and is a gentle, light-hearted dog who loves to please.  Her favorite thing in the world is tummy rubs.  She spends a good portion of her life on her back waiting for someone to pass by and rub her.

Olive (left) and Dottie

Sweet Olive asleep on her back in the sun.

Scotties love their people with every ounce of their being and around here the feeling is mutual.

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