Saturday, February 28, 2015


Just a quick note to say 'Wish you were here to help me shovel!'.  We got about four more inches of wet snow today with no let-up in sight.  After a while I realized I would never be able to shovel a path if I didn't get with it.  I put on our Elmer Fudd rabbit hat and got busy.  Miss Dottie hates it when I wear this hat and growls if I even talk to her!

I have to admit it's been a beautiful snowfall.  The flakes were so large at one point they looked like cotton balls.  I made the mistake of driving to the pharmacy this morning and it was treacherous.  I made it back home okay but I refuse to go back out until it thaws.

I have been embroidering a few mug mats for our daughter Christina. 

Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and warm.  If you are in a hot climate, please don't tell me until my back stops hurting!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


We are still have hills of ice and snow and more is heading our way for the next day or so.  So far we have done fine, with the help of our neighbor Steve, who has been shoveling and bringing us our mail when he gets his.

I forgot to post pictures of a mug mat I made for our daughter for Valentine's Day.  I took it out of the hoop and it went straight into the mail without taking pictures.  She was nice enough to send pictures back to me.

Back of mat
I bought the pattern from San Francisco Stitch Company and it was an In The hoop (ITH) design.  Once it was stitched all I had to do was trim around the edges and it was finished. 

I cooked a pot of Chalupa Mexican beans Monday and we will have the leftovers as tostadas for dinner tonight.  We love Mexican food!

Wishing you a wonderful day filled with Peace & Plenty!

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Fire Bush with Icicles
I hate to keep harping on the weather, especially if you live in a sunny climate, but this is nearly unreal.  On top of our 6-7 inches of snow we got a blizzard last evening that left us with several inches of ice on top of our snow.  We had an electrical storm and then it began dropping sleet and what looked like hail.  This went on for a few hours.  We can barely get our storm door open due to the ice that blew in on our covered porch.  Warmer and better days have to be down the road for us.  We live in the Heartland and we are accustomed to bad weather, but this is a notch or two above bad.  We have a wonderful neighbor, Steve, who has helped us so much during Jeff's recovery from surgery.  It's hard enough having his own property to shovel, he's now helping us with ours.  Steve is a true friend and neighbor.

Wonderful Neighbor Steve

This would be perfect weather for sewing if the power would stay on.  It has been up and then down for the last few hours.  So far we still have heat. 

I cooked a large pot of chili yesterday so we have hot food for tonight if the power stays on.  Otherwise we will have sandwiches.  The order of the day is flannel jammies, sweatshirts and hot cocoa for the duration.  Having two cuddly scottie dogs to warm our hearts and toes is a bonus!

Dottie & Olive Spooning

Please stay warm and safe wherever you are.  Barb

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Old Man Winter has officially moved into our part of Missouri.  We got about 6 inches of snow yesterday but it drifted into piles much deeper.  It's a very wet and heavy snow, which makes clearing a path to the driveway quite difficult.  We are staying indoors, canceling appointments, and keeping warm.

One nice thing about this cold weather is making hearty meals.  Last night I put together a large pot of beef stew and yeast rolls.  We barely have enough left for a lunch.  Today I will be making a pot of chili with homemade cornbread or beer bread.  Another nice thing is the flicker of candles all over the house and the sweet smells.  As long as our internet and coffee maker are working we will be fine, just fine.

Jeff is improving a little each day and he's getting more mobile and able to take care of more of his needs.  Dottie & Olive want the snow to go away, but it doesn't look like that will be happening anytime soon.

Today I plan to clean and straighten my sewing room.  That usually puts me in the mood to sit down and sew. 

If you are enduring winter woes where you are, I wish you warmth and safety.  It's best to stay at home, but this isn't always possible. 

Wishing everyone a day filled with Peace & Plenty. 

Friday, February 6, 2015


I have not blogged for a while because my husband had hip surgery recently.  The trips to and from the hospital took all my time for a while.  He is now home and getting better every day.

I haven't had time to sew or even think much about sewing, but I can see a light at the end of that tunnel.  I'm inspired to make an Orange Peel quilt using precuts and a super simple technique featured at Missouri Star as their latest tutorial.

Dottie and Olive were boarded with our vet for several days and they are getting back in the routine of the house again.  They missed Jeff terribly while he was away. 

All is well once again in our little corner of Missouri.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ~~  Barb