Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Old Man Winter has officially moved into our part of Missouri.  We got about 6 inches of snow yesterday but it drifted into piles much deeper.  It's a very wet and heavy snow, which makes clearing a path to the driveway quite difficult.  We are staying indoors, canceling appointments, and keeping warm.

One nice thing about this cold weather is making hearty meals.  Last night I put together a large pot of beef stew and yeast rolls.  We barely have enough left for a lunch.  Today I will be making a pot of chili with homemade cornbread or beer bread.  Another nice thing is the flicker of candles all over the house and the sweet smells.  As long as our internet and coffee maker are working we will be fine, just fine.

Jeff is improving a little each day and he's getting more mobile and able to take care of more of his needs.  Dottie & Olive want the snow to go away, but it doesn't look like that will be happening anytime soon.

Today I plan to clean and straighten my sewing room.  That usually puts me in the mood to sit down and sew. 

If you are enduring winter woes where you are, I wish you warmth and safety.  It's best to stay at home, but this isn't always possible. 

Wishing everyone a day filled with Peace & Plenty. 


  1. Both Jeff and you are looking great! We're digging out of 9" of snow here in southern KY, but it was light, fluffy snow which helps with the shoveling! Have a great week and stay warm.

  2. Enjoyed checking out your blogs and thank you for your comment on mine!

    We are snowed in here too and very very cold. Just put on my warmest sweater and socks to trek to the mailbox!
    Keep warm and speedy recovery to your husband. dkc