Thursday, May 29, 2014


I'm thrilled to tell you that our old house passed a lengthy inspection yesterday and the Buyer was happy with everything as it is.  We will be closing escrow next week.  Special thanks to everyone who has been praying that the hope of selling our old house would become a reality after 6 1/2 years.  Thank you so much also for the well wishes. 

The mini tumbler runner now has 15 rows with a 16th waiting to be added. 

The picture isn't very clear and looks a little warped, but you get the idea.  The runner is almost long enough that I need to decide how many more rows to add (if any) and also whether or not it needs borders.  What do you think?  I'm thinking of adding borders (bands actually) only to the top and bottom, maybe rosy red, or possibly a narrow white strip on the top and bottom and then a red border on the top and bottom.  The vertical edges of the runner have to be trimmed, which will leave some very narrow tumblers.  I think adding a band on the top and bottom, quilting it and binding it would be enough.

I'm having a pretty slow and quiet day other than killing a snake that was striking at Olive.  I'm not very generous toward snakes and seldom do I let one escape unless it's heading for the woods already.  Snakes go with the territory when you live in the country.

Dinner tonight will be something quick and easy.  I need a couple of easy days after all the heavy work we've been doing.

Until next time I wish you a bushel of Peace & Plenty.


  1. what a lovely color combination! very bright and cheery!
    We are also here in process pf selling our house, so I understand your happiness so clearly!
    Best wishes

  2. Congratulations Barb, so pleased all went well with the sale.

    I had good news too today, the machine arrived with its new owner and she is delighted with it. Phew!!!

    1. Congratulations on the sale and safe passage on your machine. I know that's a huge relief for you.

  3. Hi Barb,

    I love your mini tumbler table runner, It is so Springy and cheerful. It came out fantastic.