Thursday, May 22, 2014


I'm just dropping in the say I have very little to blog about today.  We are still readying our old house for sale.  It's properly listed and viewings are lined up for this weekend and beyond.  I've posted before about all the work we are doing there, to the point of exhaustion.  I would rather be tired from working hard than from being bored.  I feel like we have the right agent this time because she loves our house.  She actually was the listing agent on the house when I bought it, although another agent first showed it to me. 

We're having beautiful weather.  I mowed our yard yesterday, which takes about three hours.  Jeff's part takes him about the same amount of time.  Sweet Olive snagged herself another turtle yesterday and treated it to a game of RolyPoly before I could get it away from her.  Terriers are relentless when they are pursuing something.

I've lost momentum on the mini tumbler runner due to lack of time to sew this week.  I have several more rows to press and add on. 

If everything works out well today I will make lasagna for dinner.  Lasagna is not difficult to make but it does take time.  I'm in the mood for some comfort food and that usually includes noodles and cheese. 

I'm going to step tentatively into this new day and wish you a stellar day. Wherever you are I hope blessings and peace surround you.

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