Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I'm tickled to tell you that we are done working at the old house.  It was a very long two weeks of plumbing (remember the broken water lines at the old house and at our home?) adding baseboard and other wood trim throughout the house and deep cleaning and painting.  The yard got a little attention also.  Getting the basement cleaned out and scrubbed was a huge undertaking, but Jeff did a great job of it.  My hands look 100 years old from scrubbing and feel like they're made of rubber when I bend my fingers. We still need to clean out the shed.  It's a very spooky place that I hate entering. 

The prospective buyers looked at the house yesterday and really liked it.  They are ordering an appraisal for later this week and we will go from there.  Please cross your fingers for the sale of this house.

Dottie and Olive have had quite enough of being left alone for several hours every day.  Dottie likes to take the plastic covers that go on the bottom of the toilets to cover the bolts.  I have been finding them all over the house this week.  Dottie acts out her frustrations more than Olive.  I noticed that Dot tore up a couple of her stuffed toys and she has been refusing food and snacks from time to time. 

We decided that this year we aren't going to put in a vegetable garden because we have so much on our plates right now.  We planted flowers and that's going to be it.  Sometimes you have to back off and slow down a little. 

Quilting is never far from my mind regardless of what I'm doing.  I hope to have the You've Got Mail quilt top done and to my quilting friend, Reggie, by the end of next week.  I will post pictures when I get some rows sewn together.  I love French General fabrics and their colors. 

Our weather has turned quite warm (91 yesterday) and should continue being hot.  I hope you are enjoying this season of Early Summer.  Be the reason that makes someone smile today.

Wishing you every good thing.....Barb

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