Saturday, May 10, 2014


This is Mother's Day weekend.  Our weather promises to be glorious.  Jeff is still hunting and won't be coming home until late tomorrow afternoon. 

This is my weekend to relax and do whatever I would like, or nothing at all.  I slept in this morning and after getting up I took the Girls for a walk in the woods.  The dogwood trees are in full bloom now and beautiful birds were everywhere singing their favorite tunes.  We even saw two box turtles on the path.  I feel lost without my camera ~~  Jeff took it with him on his trip. 

Speaking of box turtles, last year I began putting a dot of bright nail polish on the back of each turtle I encountered that was crossing our property to see if the same ones return year after year.  I wasn't sure if the polish would be worn off when they burrow to lay their eggs.  So far this year I have seen one returnee from last year.  I thought the Girls would be wild over the turtles in the same way as Miss Molly, who liked to flip them over on their backs and roll them around a little. Dottie & Olive pay little attention to them at all even when they poke their heads out.  Lizards and bunnies are what excite the Girls. 

I'm off now to cook something small for breakfast ~~  poached eggs on toast and orange juice.

Wishing you a sweet Mother's Day. 

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