Friday, May 16, 2014


After finishing the Double Slice and Circles quilts and the You've Got Mail quilt top I feel like playing a little.  I dug out some 2 1/2" squares I cut a while back and decided to turn them into mini tumblers using the Mini Tumbler template from Missouri Star....and I do mean mini!  I'm thinking of making a table runner from these little cuties.

The fabric is primarily from the Ruby line with some Apple of My Eye squares thrown in.  My Mom's name was Ruby, so making something homey and useful appeals to me.  I find the tiny tumblers easier to work with than the larger ones.  So far I'm sewing the rows 14 tumblers wide.  I will see how much I can get done with the squares that already cut.  I may need to put large bands at either end of the runner and place the tumblers in the center.  Let's see what happens as it progresses.  When I make something from scraps I seem to love it that much more. 

I had taken out two or three UFOs to try to get enthused about  finishing one more, but I need to do something new and fresh before I tackle another UFO. 

I cooked a nice pot of pinto beans Wednesday, so tonight we will have tostadas with the leftovers.  We love these heaped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado (None of that 'green stuff' for Jeff), salsa and sour cream.  There's no need for me to fix anything else. 

Wishing you a great weekend.  Barb

Recap of the day:  We spent several hours working on our apartments today. Jeff painted and I washed windows and put switch plate covers back on the walls.  Dottie behaved badly all day.  On the way there she shredded a roll of toilet paper and while there she leaned against a wall that had just been painted white.  Sweet Olive was an angel.  I don't think Dottie quit whining the whole time we were there. On a brighter note, I showed the apartment to two parties and both really love it.  I'm waiting on a call.....


  1. Loved reading your blog .
    Re , the magnifying feature on the lap top . I had that facility . Since having my laptop cleaned it isn't there any more .

  2. Your mini tumbler table runner is coming out so sweet. I'm sure by now, it's already completed, lol. I can't wait to see it in your albums.