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I'm happy to share pictures of some of my quilts with you.  The majority of the quilts I've made have been given away as gifts for family and friends or to charities. 

I made this embroidered quilt the Summer I was 14.  I bought all the supplies to make it with my babysitting money.  Those were the days when babysitters were lucky to make 25 cents an hour! The embroidery, construction and quilting were all done by hand.  This quilt is still in excellent condition.  I thought it was daring to use bleached and unbleached muslin together for "contrast".  This quilt fits a double bed.  I also made a matching bed ruffle from the pink, but I vaguely remember cutting it up to use for another project many years ago.


I bought a kit for this quilt from the dimestore when I was about 20 years old and a new Mom.  I worked on this project late at night and during my 'spare time'.  Except for the flower stems and some of the flower petals it was sewn and quilted by hand.  I love this quilt.  This was the first scalloped border for me. 

I made this Lone Star baby quilt by hand for my daughter Suzanne in 1969.

This Snowbirds quilt was designed by Jinny Beyer and it was made with her fabric using the full color spectrum.  It was machine pieced and hand quilted.  It was a bit challenging to make but well worth the effort.

This Layercake+Jellyroll quilt was simple and quick to make.  The Prayer Flag fabric line worked up so nice.  This quilt is perfect in our guest room.

This Luna Notte quilt is one of my favorites.  I used the Framed Square block and added an unrelated fabric for the outside border and around a couple of the squares to tie it in.  This fabric line is luscious.  I will be making one almost identical for my daughter, Christina.


I consider this the most personally significant quilt I've ever made for myself.  It's a Log Cabin variation called Star  Guide and it's made primarily from Thimbleberries fabrics.  I started this quilt in 1998 and completed it in 2012.  From the time I began this quilt until the time it was completed my life went through several major changes that included twists and turns with both mountaintops and deep valleys.  If our house was on fire and we could save only one quilt, this would be the one I would want.  Reggie outdid herself with the machine quilting.  Thank you, Dear Friend.

I finished this Dresden Plate quilt in late 2013.  The plates are made from 1930s reproduction prints.  They were machine pieced but they were hand appliqued onto the background blocks, which are ivory with tiny red dots.  This quilt called out for a scalloped border.  Scalloping a border on a 94" square quilt is a big job, but I like the way it turned out.  Dottie approves of this quilt, too!

This quick and easy Disappearing Nine Patch quilt was fun to make.  The fabric is Sugar Pop from Moda.  This was my first D9P quilt. 

This Double Slice quilt sewn from Birchbark Lodge fabrics was made just for Jeff.  He loves the woodsy feel to the prints.  I didn't care for this quilt until it was quilted by Reggie.  She can do beautiful stippling.

I made this  batik quilt while I was recuperating from shoulder surgery.  Most of the batiks I had in my stash. 

I made this quilt for my grandson Jesse's birthday last year along with a matching pillowcase.  It's made from the Rising Sun fabric line and the colors are so rich.  I loved making this quilt. 

This sunshine bright Jellyroll Race quilt was my granddaughter's birthday gift last year along with a few pillowcases.  The fabric is Soul Blossoms by Amy Butler. 

This quilt was made for my daughter Christina from a printed panel from India.  All I did was add the borders and bound it after Reggie did the quilting. 

This little tomato quilt was made from fabrics in my stash to remember the awesome tomato harvest we had in 2013.  It could easily be turned into an apple quilt by adding a brown stem.  This quilt looks cute on the back of our kitchen chairs.

This circle quilt is my most recent finish.  The fabric line is Zoe.  I decided against adding borders but I rounded corners to echo that design element.  It was beautifully quilted by Reggie. 

Made for Eldon Gravett

Made for baby Mia
I love making rag quilts.  Here are two I made as gifts.

This quilt hung in my closet for several years before it was quilted.  It's one of our faves to cuddle up in. 

This Wacky Web quilt for Halloween was so much fun to make!  Below is the Happy Jack trick-or-treat tote I made to store the quilt in off season.

A cute embroidered spider and web on the back of the bag.

 A small flag quilt that can be used as a table topper or hung up as a banner for the 4th of July.

A Twister table topper. 

I love this king size basket quilt and shams.  I bought them on one of our visits in Branson.  There is a nice quilt shop on The Landing that sells very nice quality quilts and accessories.  The quilt and shams are completely hand sewn and quilted.  The borders on the quilt and shams are really cute.  Every once in a while I add a quilt to our collection made by another quilter.  This one is sweet and simple!

This pattern is called 'You've Got Mail" because it looks like open envelopes.  It's made from the Josephine line from French General for Moda.  The colors are perfect in our living room and this will be out holiday quilt.  It was quilted by my wonderful friend and quilter, Reggie.  Her quilting really brought this quilt to life.

As you can see Miss Dottie has staked a claim on this quilt.  I practically had to wrestle it away from her to put on the binding. 

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  1. I love each and everyone of your quilts. I made a mistake, I thought that another quilt was Luna Notte. Both the quilt and the fabric are gorgeous.