~~ About Me ~~

My name is Barb and I am a wife, a mother and a grandma.  My wonderful husband (he's a hunk!) Jeff and I live in a cedar home in the middle of a pine forest in the foothills of the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Missouri.  We share our lives and our home with two feisty little Scottish Terriers, Miss Dottie & Sweet Olive.  More about The Girls on their own page.

I have been passionate about quilts and quilting all my life. A demanding career and life changes forced my quilting time to dwindle to almost a stall until five years ago when I was able to take early retirement.  Nothing can stop me now!

You are welcome to join me as I sew my way through a mountain of fabric.  Sometimes I sew a little and sometimes I sew non-stop.  It's all good!  Kick off your shoes, grab yourself a glass of sweet tea and join me.....


  1. You look a complete and happy couple

  2. Barb, I just found your blog. What a wonderful picture of you and your "hunk"! I'll enjoy checking in on you periodically. :)