Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Yesterday I finished the You've Got Mail quilt top.  This morning I gave it and the backing a good press and took it to Reggie to work her magic.  If you are new here, Reggie is my wonderful long-arm quilter and friend.  I think this quilt will look nice in our living room for Christmas up to Valentine's Day.  I asked Reggie to do her free motion stippling on the center of the quilt and a feather design on the borders.  She had stacks of boxes filled with quilt tops to be quilted, so it will be at least three weeks before I get the call that it's ready. 

This is storm season in the Ozarks.  It's also mating season for box turtles.  Box turtles have tall shells, hence the name box turtles.  Olive is totally fascinated with them and Dottie isn't interested in them at all. Lizard chasing is Dottie's favorite sport.  In Dottie's head a turtle cant move fast enough to provide her with any sort of fun.  As soon as I snapped this picture of Olive she flipped the turtle over onto its back and began a game of Let's Roll The Turtle (aka Turtle Hockey).  I rescued the turtle and carried Olive into the house.  It made me wonder what that poor little turtle thought was happening. 

I haven't cooked a decent meal in several days, so I'm off to the kitchen to put away the rest of the groceries and make some scalloped potatoes to serve with ham steak, green beans and homemade applesauce for dinner tonight. 

Wishing you a terrific Tuesday ~~  Barb

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  1. I can't believe Olive likes turtles. EWW, Dottie loves lizards, what does she do with them? Would Olive have still flipped the turtle if you left her? I'm not going to ask what Dottie would have done with the lizard.