Saturday, February 21, 2015


Fire Bush with Icicles
I hate to keep harping on the weather, especially if you live in a sunny climate, but this is nearly unreal.  On top of our 6-7 inches of snow we got a blizzard last evening that left us with several inches of ice on top of our snow.  We had an electrical storm and then it began dropping sleet and what looked like hail.  This went on for a few hours.  We can barely get our storm door open due to the ice that blew in on our covered porch.  Warmer and better days have to be down the road for us.  We live in the Heartland and we are accustomed to bad weather, but this is a notch or two above bad.  We have a wonderful neighbor, Steve, who has helped us so much during Jeff's recovery from surgery.  It's hard enough having his own property to shovel, he's now helping us with ours.  Steve is a true friend and neighbor.

Wonderful Neighbor Steve

This would be perfect weather for sewing if the power would stay on.  It has been up and then down for the last few hours.  So far we still have heat. 

I cooked a large pot of chili yesterday so we have hot food for tonight if the power stays on.  Otherwise we will have sandwiches.  The order of the day is flannel jammies, sweatshirts and hot cocoa for the duration.  Having two cuddly scottie dogs to warm our hearts and toes is a bonus!

Dottie & Olive Spooning

Please stay warm and safe wherever you are.  Barb

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  1. After seeing your ice, I'm going to stop complaining about the rain we're getting now on top of the snow. It's becoming a big soupy mess. I'm glad you have good neighbors to help you all through this. Stay warm cuddling with the pups.