Monday, August 20, 2012

Grammy Rose's Last Quilt

Hello friends.  I haven't posted a blog in about a week.  I think the long hot summer finally caught up with me in a big way and I had to slow my body and mind down.  Our weather has cooled off considerably and I'm beginning to feel like moving again. 

Our garden tomatoes are finished producing and I'll soon have to buy tomatoes.  We still have a few zucchinis and cukes, but for the most part the garden is done for 2012.  We will put the garden to bed some cool weekend.

Yesterday I bought some green chiles from Hatch, New Mexico.  Our little grocery store carries these wonderful chiles (considered to be the best) for those of us who cook authentic Mexican food.  When they are in season I buy several pounds and char them on the grill until the skin is black.  The burned skin glides off and the seeds are easily removed.  Wrap one of these smoky mild chiles in as flour tortilla that's been warmed on the grill and add a nice strip of Monterey Jack cheese and you have a snack fit for a king!  We always have friends over for Chile Day and we sit around eating and drinking and making merry! 

The leftover charred chiles are peeled, seeded and put into the freezer for future meals....pork with green chiles, Mexican casseroles, chiles rellenos, etc.  It's always a treat when I clean the freezer and find a bag of frozen chiles that I didn't know we had left!  If you decide to try roasting some chiles on the grill, be sure to cut a slit into the side of each chile so they don't explode.  In New Mexico, where my daughter lives, they will roast your chiles while you wait at WalMart and other stores.  Chiles are serious business in New Mexico. 

Thanks to all of you who commented on my Sunday School quilt.  There are some wonderful memories connected to that quilt!!

Today I would like to show you my Grammy Rose's last quilt.  Grammy was 90 years old when she hand pieced and hand quilted this wonderful quilt made entirely of her old clothes and aprons.  The design is an eight point star set into a circle.  This must have been a summer quilt because it's quite light.  I have used this quilt for about 40 years and it's in very good shape considering its age. 

I will meet you here again soon.  Until then I wish you a day filled with
                                               Peace & Plenty.

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  1. I would never admit to being jealous - however, I wish I had such memories of my grandmother. She passed before I was born. I've mentioned that I have a few pieces that I think she hand-pieced but nothing complete. My paternal grandmother was not, to my knowledge, at all crafty or creative although she raised five wonderful sons.