Saturday, December 1, 2012


Can you believe it's December 1st already?  Where has 2012 gone? The countdown to Christmas and for the table runner drawing (Monday, Dec 3) is marching on!  The Salvation Army kettle volunteers are already ringing their bells and Christmas carols are playing in the grocery store.  A few years back our town did a renovation and replaced the old street lights with new ones that look like old gaslights.  They are wrapped with garland and topped with red velvet bows and snowflake lights...very nostalgic.

We are doing less decorating in our home this year than normal, but not due to lack of Christmas spirit.  Could it be we're getting!

I changed our bed quilts for the ones we use during the holidays.  I make quilts, but I have never been one to make holiday-specific quilts other than patriotic quilts for the 4th.  I do make table runners in all sorts of holiday themes, but not large quilts. 

The quilt I use on our bed for Christmas is a Log Cabin I made several years ago.  The thing I like about it are the white blocks that outline the setting.  The backing is solid off white and it's hand quilted.

Our spare bedroom is called the Turkey Room because it's protected by Old Tom, a huge turkey that looms in the corner and faces the bed.  The room itself it small, which makes Tom look that much larger!  The quilt in that room is another Log Cabin quilt with embroidered pine cones.  This is one of our few purchased quilts.

Oh yes, here's Tom....

What can I say ~~  I live with a hunter, but he lives with a quilter! 

I wish you a wonderful first weekend of December and a day filled to the brim with Peace & Plenty!!

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