Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Due to the great response to the drawing, I will be adding a few more table runners!!  Your chances of winning just got better ~~~  much better!!  Remember, the only way your name will go into the drawing is if you are a follower of this blog.   To become a follower click on the icon that says "Join this Site"  - follow publically - and click on "Follow This Blog'.  That's all there is to it. 

There will not be enough runners of any one category (Christmas, chicken, special email fabric, etc) for 12 please give me your preference and I will have to make the final call.)  Here are a few more runners:

Did you notice the email/forum fabric on the first cute is that fabric!  The two Christmas runners are cute and a little bit country.  The striped runner is modern but didn't photograph very well.  The  chicken with pink is one of my favorites.  The purple is made from really nice fabric.

There you go!  Good Luck Everyone!!!!


  1. Just became a follower on here found you through the forum at MSQC.. these runners are great! my fav is the sowmen with the christmas lights I am so in love with the fabric it just suits my christmas tastes...Such inspiration..TY!!

  2. OMG - The Pink & Chickens has bumped out the B&W with Shoes! It is too, too cute!

  3. I'm sure glad that Donna and Ruby like the pink chickens - 'cuz pink isn't my color . . . so I'll be pleased with the first chicken. And if I don't win it . . . I sure do love snowmen . . .

  4. Ok so Ruby likes the pink chickens so I'll vote anything pink or green. I'm a girlie girl.

  5. I just found you also at MSQC forum and am a follower. You know, I don't have a thing that someone else made. It would be wonderful to own something that you made. I've only done two table runners in my life and one is waiting for the binding. I could use a new one on my coffee table. Please oh please let me win. I would like any one of yours that you made! Thanks for the chance on winning, Jeanne

  6. Okay, I am definitely in love with the purple. Sure would look fantastic in my bedroom on my chest!!!!!

    Barb, this is such a fab idea. You are such a doll!!!


  7. I really like the snowmen and the christmas lights runner. Love all the runners, great idea.