Sunday, December 30, 2012


Life has slowed down a bit in our corner of Missouri.  We had some nice snow on Friday, but what you don't see is the layer of ice underneath it all that transformed our little town into an ice skating rink in a few hours.  More snow is on the way for tomorrow.

This is a busy time of year for me.  I'm straightening and organizing my sewing room in preparation for a wonderful 2013 filled with new quilts and machine embroidery!  We have a small business and this is the time of year to close out the books and get set up for the new there have been very few idle hours around here for the past week.

I made a few snowflakes for the Sandy Hook Elementary project and was advised last night that they are no longer accepting any more snowflakes due to the enormous outpouring worldwide!  I'm thrilled about the response, but saddened that our snowflakes aren't there.  One of the drawbacks of living in such a small town with limited shopping is that I had to order the special stabilizer for machine lace from the Internet and it took a week to arrive.  Our snowflakes will go on our tree as a reminder of Sandy Hook.

Enjoy the remainder of 2012!  I wish you a very Happy and Healthy 2013!!



  1. The snow flakes are so pretty . Perhaps you can use them in a scrap book .
    I know what you mean about small towns and difficulty getting stuff , I live in a small village , 1 grocery shop , a post office and the library . A very limited bus service .

  2. You are inspiring me to clean my sewing closet and add some more shelves (so I can buy more fabric).

    My grandmother lived in Hartville, MO, and that is where my Mom grew up. I used to love that little town! I grew up in a small town in northeastern Oklahoma, and we used to drive to see Granny, who eventually came to live with us. The best part of our visit was eating her gooseberry pie and drinking sassafras tea. She canned "wild" gooseberries, and I bet those don't even grow there anymore.