Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Doesn't it feel like the calender turned to 2000 just yesterday?  It's officially 2013 and with that we have a clean slate of a new year to fill up with love, creativity, hard work and caring for each other.

For myself, I plan to begin working on a long-term UFO that's been pushed aside because one of the border strips was lost ~ I have no idea how this happened.  Rather than rip off the three borders already attached, I've decided to apply an orphan fabric as the fourth border in true 'make-do' fashion.

I love small quilts and I also love Log Cabin quilts.  When this one is done it will measure 25" square.  The tiny corner blocks measure 3 inches finished...I like a challenge from time to time!  It's made from scraps and will be used as a table topper. 

UFO's are going to play an important role in my quilting agenda in 2013.  Let's see how this goes.....!

Wishing you a highly creative and fun 2013!

                                            Peace & Plenty


  1. I need to learn the log cabin block. I've never made one before. I love the way yours looks it's beautiful!

  2. Hi Barb, I've never made a log cabin quilt! I've been quilting since 1993 and I took a class to make a lopsided log cabin quilt, but it snowed and the class was 1 1/2 hours over a snowy pass so I couldn't finish the class and I have all the pieces (yes, I cut ALL the pieces out) for it in two shoe boxes. Looking at your beautiful log cabin quilt makes me want to do one. Or finish the one I have cut out. Now to find those shoe boxes...oh no...where to look?

  3. Not to be too concerned about the missing border strip . It will be more interesting with a different piece . Just applique something on another border with the new fabric to pull it together