Tuesday, January 29, 2013


We had a very nice weekend and celebrated our 5th anniversary with a steak dinner in a nice restaurant in Rolla.  They kept the homemade rolls and honey butter coming and we were beyond full when we left. 

Yesterday I took a drive to our little fabric shop here in town and they were unpacking a new shipment of fabric and I got first go at it!  I was shopping primarily for backing for small quilts, but I caved and bought some shamrock prints because I always intend to make a special quilt or runner for St Patrick's Day. 

The white fabric on the right is white-on-white shamrocks.  I'm thinking a table runner would be nice.  Normally I don't do quilts specific to any holiday, but table runners are a nice way to add some interest to the table and they are not a long commitment of time to make. 

I had a major computer crash yesterday and I'm using Jeff's computer today while I shop for a replacement.  It looks like all the new computers are loaded with Windows 8 and I understand it's a nightmare to learn.  I may look for something on the back shelf that has Windows 7!

Wishing you blessings and a day filled with Peace & Plenty!!    Barb



  1. Sympathy about the computer .I had a new one last year, it's windows 7 , a Toshiba . I have to hit the keys hard or it misses letters .
    I cannot get into my Yahoo mail today , it wouldn't accept my password. didn't like the new one I chose but because I tried 3 times it's no go .
    I like your fabric for our shamrock runner

  2. Pretty fabrics - how fun you were the first to get at it. ;)

    Good luck with your computer.