Sunday, January 13, 2013


Miss Molly (our 14 yo Scotty) and I are up extra early this morning (4 am).  We went outdoors and within a few seconds I felt like a popsicle.  The thermometer on the porch read 16 degrees and it's sleeting and very windy.  Needless to say, Miss Molly didn't want to linger outdoors either.

I rather enjoy days like this when I don't have to work outdoors or drive anywhere.  This is a good morning for a hot breakfast of bacon or sausage, eggs and pancakes, all washed down with a pot of coffee.  Cinnamon rolls would smell great baking on a day like this.  Later today I plan to cook a large roast with potatoes, onions and carrots.  This will feed us today and at least one more meal plus sandwiches for Hubby's work lunches this week.  Let's not forget a few bites for Molly.

On days like this I love to lock myself in my sewing room and work on my latest project.  I haven't done much of this in 2013, but I'm getting motivated to sew again.  I'm excited about making a few quilts for the PICU at Cardinal Glennon in St Louis.  I love to make quilts for children because there are so many happy and colorful prints to choose from.  Here are a few I recently bought ~~

From Scooby-Doo, to crayons, bugs and pinatas, the prints are so much fun!!

Whatever your Sunday brings you, stay safe and enjoy the day!

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