Sunday, March 1, 2015


The deep freeze continues.  We got several more inches of snow and a layer of ice on top last night.  Everything I shoveled yesterday was a mere memory this morning.  I went out early today and shoveled and scraped most of our walkway and our wonderful neighbor Steve came over and finished up.  He also knocked the ice off our satellite dish so we could watch TV.

Last night about 9 pm we lost our power but it came on about an hour later.  It went off two more times before morning just long enough to mess up the clocks.  Things seem to be back on an even keel now.  We are expecting extremely low temperatures tonight.  We are hoping our power doesn't go down again.  BTW, I'm totally bored with blogging about the weather, but seriously, it's the only thing happening around here. 

So, what's for dinner today?  I'm thinking along the lines of slices of smoked beef sausage simmered with bbq sauce with a side of macaroni and cheese and a vegetable.  That sounds good to Jeff.  I had to cook chicken breasts for the Girls' meals this morning.  I boil 15 pounds of chicken breasts and shred it and package it for the freezer.  They eat chicken, broth and Blue dog food twice a day.  They never seem to tire of eating the same thing all the time.  They get a variety of snacks between meals. 

I hope to get some sewing done next week.  Didn't I say this last week, too? 

Stay warm and cozy wherever you are.

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