Sunday, July 12, 2015


Our rain has stopped for a while and we are playing catch- up with outdoor chores.  The grass is almost tall enough to bale, so it will need two cuttings rather than one.  Our weeds really took advantage of the rain and have doubled their size since last weekend.  If you need me you will find me on a mower under the big hat.  These are our Dog Days that are hotter than blazes and we lay around like lazy dogs.  Actually this is the time most snakes shed their skins, so they have a tendency to strike at almost anything.  We are extra cautious with the Girls during this time.

So, did I take advantage of the down time to sew?  Maybe just a wee bit..... I worked on organizing my stash shelves and added the inner borders to the Halloween table topper.  It was going to be a quilt but the size was going to be awkward so I opted for two toppers instead, both for gifts.  I bought twenty 10" squares for this project. 

It's time for our breakfast.  I cut up some fresh peaches to put on top of our waffles with a smidge of whipped cream.  This treat will be served with bacon and sausage.  I didn't say it was healthy ~~~ just yummy!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

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