Sunday, October 25, 2015


I guess you would say I have been playing hooky from here lately.  Actually I've been busy in the sewing room making  Christmas and Halloween items.   I have had Christmas spirit since mid Summer.  The Morse Code quilt in my last post is done.  I made a matching pillowcase also.  It's stippled and has a nice light gray scroll backing.

So many things are in the works I had to make a list to keep up with myself. 
I took a week from sewing and did load of machine embroidery.  Here are a few of the gingerbread men I plan to turn into banners.  These were fun to make except the tedious trimming.  They will be cute when they are strung together and embellished with satin bows ~~~

Our neighbor wants some Christmas pillow shams, so these embroidered and quilted pieces will become shams for her for Christmas.

There are stacks of bindings for table runners and small projects everywhere. 

I hope your holiday projects are coming along well. 

Wishing you and yours a great day!

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