Friday, November 22, 2013


We have several Amish families that live on farms in our community.  Their mode of transportation is horse-drawn buggies.  It's not unusual to see a buggy with the whole family sitting in a line of traffic.  I love being the first vehicle behind the buggies because I love to see the Amish children in their traditional clothing.  Sometimes I can even catch their eye and get a little smile from them.

Recently my dear friend Alana from northern Canada sent me a gorgeous table runner made from purple batik fabrics.  I have named it Almost Amish because of the bright colors set with black.  It looks wonderful in our home.

The coasters are a bonus.  Alana did a beautiful job on the machine quilting.  Thank you, Alana!!

Winter is setting in for real in our area.  I made a quick trip out this morning to visit our computer guru and was startled to almost hit a deer who decided to cross the highway in front of me as I was driving through a patch of fog.  Thankfully I was able to miss him.  Our roads are supposed to be icy later this afternoon.  I have one more quick trip to make and then I will be tucked in for the day and probably most of the weekend. 

I will be putting together a pot of French Onion soup to have with our dinner tonight.  It's a perfect day for homemade soup and open-face roast beef sandwiches.

Wishing you a day filled with Peace & Plenty.

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