Wednesday, November 6, 2013


At last the tomato quilt I put together about a month or so ago is done.  I made it as a remembrance of the fantastic harvest of tomatoes we had this year.  Hubby says he really likes it, but I think he secretly thinks it's a bit too girlie!  This is the first quilt I have made in homage to a vegetable ~ or is it really a fruit!

Basically the quilt is an 8 1/2" square with the corners snowballed to make the blocks look rounded.  I used a variety of red and green prints from my stash for the tomatoes. The corner blocks were 1 3/4" inches and are the same dotty material as the background.  I fused and sewed on the leaves and tomato stems.  Then a 3" border from the background fabric was added and it was ready for quilting.  The binding is the same fabric as the green tomato barely peeking out of the lower left corner of the picture above.  I wanted to keep this quilt small, simple and cute.  Red/green/white is one of my favorite color combinations for quilts.   

We have been getting rain for the past few days along with gusty winds that have ripped the beautiful Fall leaves off the trees.  The Girls come into the house with their feet and skirts loaded with wet leaves.  Sweet Olive has to roll on her back in the leaves and mud, so she gets little birdbaths (in the utility tub with the sprayer) throughout the day.  Miss Dottie is very prissy and doesn't like her feet to be wet or muddy.  She stops the minute she comes into the house and waits for me to clean her feet. 

Tomorrow is the drawing for the Giveaway here.  It's still not too late to put your name in the hat.  I'm So Excited to see who wins!!  I will post the winner here and also send an email to her.

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are today.

                               Peace & Plenty

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  1. This is a Beautiful quilt! Sounds like Dottie is a really good girl!! Not that Olive isn't of course! I'm in NY and it was actually pretty nice today until about 6pm when it started getting chilly. Excited about the drawing tomorrow!! Good luck all!