Wednesday, April 15, 2015


The past two days I have been working on some scottie blocks for a future great-grandchild.  No, we aren't expecting a GG any time soon, but I want to be prepared.  Those of you who know us know that we have a passion for scottie dogs and live with two of them currently, Dottie & Olive.

Olive (on left) will be six in a few days and Dottie (on right) is seven.  They are both purebred Scottish terriers, but their dispositions and mannerisms are totally different.  Even their coats are different ~~  little Olive has wooly hair and Dottie's hair is silky.

Back to the scottie blocks ~~~ I found this pattern at Fons and Porter's website and I bought it as a digital download.  The name of the pattern is Patchwork Pups if you are interested in getting one for yourself.

I have one block almost made - it's lacking a while frame around it.  It's been fun pulling fabric for my 1930's stash to use.  So far I've had everything for this quilt from the stash.  In the photo the feet look abnormally long.  I can make quilts but I take terrible pictures of them!

I hope you are working on something that makes your heart sing.  Wishing you the best of everything until next time.  Barb

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