Monday, May 25, 2015


I finished two quilt projects this past week.  The first is the scottie pup quilt.  It was quilted with a simple meandering. An extra block became a pillow sham.  I love 1930s reproduction fabrics and I had everything for this project in my stash.

The second finish was an Illusion quilt I pieced last Fall.  I bought the beautiful Grunge fabric while we were in Hamilton at Missouri Star Quilts last October.    The object of the Illusion quilt is for the blocks to give the Illusion of floating above the background.  The flash on our camera washed out the 'floating' a bit.  I think my quilter Reggie did a great job with the scroll design.  The Grunge fabric is beautiful.  Miss Dottie can't seem to leave it alone and has claimed it as her own personal quilt.  I let her pose on it and she grumbled when I took her off.  Jeff took the pictures for me.

I am currently working on a Curved Log Cabin quilt that will be a Christmas gift for our neighbors who helped us so much last winter when Jeff was down with his hip surgery. 

I hope you found something wonderful to do this weekend.  Until next time, I wish you happy sewing. 

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