Monday, December 14, 2015


It has been our pleasure to give our friends their Christmas quilts so they can use them during the holidays
Our neighbors and friends, Steve & Cindy, received the Curved Log Cabin that I started in late summer.  Cindy loves the fabric almost as much as I do.

Steve & Cindy have been our neighbors for a few years and they helped us so much during Jeff's recovery from hip replacement.  A quilt is a small gesture compared to their friendship and help. 

Another of our special friends is Kim.  She's one of our tenants and she is referred to as "Our Kim" because we love her and feel she's part of our family.  I made her a Morse Code quilt from a pretty jellyroll and she was totally surprised ~~~~

That's Our Kim on the left.  She's a new quilter and so far has made a queen Log Cabin for her bed and one for her Mom.  Kim pitches in helps us with anything we need....she's a great friend and wonderful person. 

I hope you are blessed to have great friends in your life.  If so, treasure them because they don't come around often.

Wishing you and your loved ones Christmas Blessings and a wonderful 2016!

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