Thursday, December 24, 2015



As I sit here in the quiet of early morning on Chrismas Eve I'm feeling that all is well with our family and my soul.  The busyness of the past few months is done and now we can settle in and celebrate our Christmas. 

I make handmade gifts for friends and family every year and this began in June.  Everything I made is in the hands of the recipients.  The house is in order, the tree has been up for a few weeks, Christmas cards were sent and the marathon baking and cooking is done.  We even managed a little get-together in our home last weekend.  Dottie and Olive have enjoyed the Christmas preparations and extra treats.

The one thing left for me to do is to wish you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas and New Year.  If 2015 was difficult for you, I wish you a much better 2016 filled with joy and good health.

Warm Wishes, Barb & Jeff

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