Sunday, May 1, 2016


The Girls and I have had a slow weekend while Jeff has been away.  He will get home today and life as usual will resume.

I planned to make the most of my time alone to sew, but Friday an emergency at our apartments called and I had to drop everything and drive for three hours to handle that matter.  Yesterday I sat down to sew and had to shut everything down due to electrical storms.  Today is a gorgeous day to be in the garden. 

My current sewing project is a large scale plus sign quilt.  So far I'm not in love with how it's coming along.  Sometimes you have to wait until the quilting is done to decide if you like a quilt or not.  This one is leaning heavy into the "Don't Like" category. Being all gray isn't adding to my enthusiasm either. 

Dottie and Olive are lined up like little soldiers waiting to go for their morning walk.  I can't ignore those pleading eyes any longer.  Wishing you a great day!

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