Thursday, October 25, 2012


Lest you think I've forgotten about my blog, I thought I would check in.  Work continues on our old house and yesterday, and several days before that, I spent painting.  Last night after Hubby got home from work we tried to clear out the garage at the old house.  Today is Clean-Up Day for the local trash company and we were able to rid ourselves of several large items.

Our weather has been wonderful but by tomorrow evening our temperatures will be below freezing.  I will have one more day to enjoy our flowers in front of the garage (above).   

Since my last post I have mostly worked on a few more table runners for gifts.  I'm also collecting everything to make my daughter a Luna Notte quilt like the one I made for us this Spring....with a few fabric changes so they don't look identical. 

I have been from one end of the Internet to the other trying to find the jellyrolls, charm packs and yardage.  I believe I have everything on the way if they don't notify me that they ran out ~~  this is discontinued fabric.  Once everything has arrived it will be a joy to make another one.  This is one of my favorite fabric lines of all time and the pattern is beyond simple.

I will be back in full force as soon as I am able.  I'm assuming the cold temperatures will shut down a lot of the work at the old house.  We don't heat it and at times it's way too cold for paint to spread even indoors!

Until next time, I wish you Peace & Plenty!!

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  1. I don't know why I haven't checked in here much lately - guess we are always running around somewhere - does it ever ease up?

    You definitely have to find your way to M* (and let me know when you can) because I saw so very many fabrics there that I know you would fall head-over-heels for.