Thursday, October 4, 2012

Paralysis By Analysis

I have a friend who wants to be a quilter with all her heart.  Her Mom is a quilter, but 'J' just can't make herself take that first step into quilting.  She tells me she reads every quilting magazine, watches tutorials and even buys fabric!  In my mind she is a quilter ~ she just doesn't realize it.  She gets encouragement from all sides and has been invited to private sewing sessions as well as the local quilt guild meetings.  I have offered to help her with her first project so she can see how simple it really can be.  The only thing I can figure is that she's a perfectionist and she's worried that her first efforts might not be perfect. 

From time to time I've been paralyzed by analysis.  One such situation is sitting in a drawer in my sewing room right now.  I have glorious fabric to make a fairly small Dresden Plate (around 60" square) quilt.  The fabric is designed by Robyn Pandolph (my favorite designer) and I have everything I need to make the quilt from start to finish.  I have also made a few Dresden Plate quilts, so it's not new pattern fear.  Last year I was positive this quilt would be complete in time for Christmas 2012 ~ but not so.

Maybe the inspiration will strike me soon, but I won't be able to have it done for this year.  I guess I began thinking about this project and J because I have been sewing together some Dresden blocks made from 1930's reproduction fabrics that I made last winter. 

So I have plenty to work on until inspiration strikes! 

Wishing everyone here a day blessed with Peace & Plenty and loads of quilts!


  1. I love that dresden plate, its so pretty. I made one dresden plate for a much loved friend who had cancer. I was going to make a bed quilt for her golden wedding, when I knew she was not going to make her golden wedding I decided to make a lap quilt for her to use when she was not feeling too great.

    Sadly she passed away just before her 71st birthday, she was buried wrapped in the quilt.

  2. I'm sure she loved and appreciated the lap quilt. Dresdens are one of my favorite quilt patterns, along with Log Cabins and star quilts. The new technique makes them so much more enjoyable to make.