Saturday, February 16, 2013


The past week has found Hubby and myself down with flu/sinus infections.  We tried to manage Valentine's Day (in our pajamas) and my birthday the following day, but there wasn't too much enthusiasm about the whole thing.  We will have a re-do when we are feeling more like ourselves.  So far Hubby has missed a full week of work.

Even though I'm under the weather, the wheels keep turning about the quilts I want to make this year. I have a cute jellyroll race quilt to send to my granddaughter for her birthday next month and another one to finish in time for my grandson's birthday in July.  I also promised my daughter a large quilt for her birthday this year in August. 

As much as I love to quilt, my embroidery machine sings to me every day....I'm simply in LOVE with machine embroidery right now.  I found a website a while back that has some terrific original designs, but some of them are macabre and geared more for punk and goth taste.  The site is I dig through the designs and have found some wonderful designs.  The Parisian Love Letter design pack is my current favorite. 

Here is a machine embroidered valentine heart that's actually a love poem in messy script writing....this was just my sample. The design is from Urban Threads.  I will make it again on different fabric and with better colors.

I hope everyone is healthy.  I will be back here as soon as possible.

Until next time I wish you Peace & Plenty   ~~~~   Barb

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  1. Love the fancy script on the heart .I like the font on your blog too
    I hope you are both recovering from the lurgy
    The sushine has been lovely today , perhaps it will help