Thursday, February 21, 2013


If the weather forecasters are correct we could be slammed with a winter ice storm a little later today.  Those of us who live in our part of the mid west are accustomed to all sorts of weather antics and seldom do they slow us down.  This storm is demanding respect by the looks of it so far. 

I popped into the local grocery store yesterday and the essentials of storm survival were flying off the shelves ~~  milk, bread, lunch meat and toilet paper!  I believe that most of us have enough food on our shelves to keep us going for indefinite spans of time.  I did a little extra cooking yesterday for 'just in case'!

I have two quilts ready to bind that will go to the Cardinal Glennon PICU when done.  If there is any shred of normalcy in my day I will work on these.  Other than that, I will fill my day by cooking a pot of potato soup and keeping the radio on to follow the progression of the storm they are calling 'Q'. 

When I was a child I loved storm and snow days.  It was the time I could pull out all the quilts and build forts and fortresses and live undercover with my toys.  I was even allowed to eat my meals undercover and it was great fun!  I'm sure the grownups had a slightly different take on storm days ~~  shoveling the walkways, drying laundry indoors and waiting for the power to come back on.  It just goes to prove the glass half full theory once again. 

My friends, wherever you are I hope you are warm and safe.  If you have storms in your area, please be extra cautious.  Wishing you a day filled with ~~~~

                                                                            Peace & Plenty!

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  1. Barb I hope you weathered the storm. Although I don't really miss the unrelenting winter cold, I do miss the wild weather of Oklahoma and feel the same as you about storms. :)