Friday, February 22, 2013


We survived the storm and have about two inches of snow and plenty of ice left behind.  It was fast and furious!  I wish the best for those east of us who are being hammered by Q today.

In the spirit of being housebound for at least another day, I decided to accomplish something in the sewing room.  I took out the little Twister wreath I pieced a few months ago and finished it.  I'm considering this being ultra prepared for Christmas 2013 and not missing Christmas 2012!

The white areas are stippled and the green sections have no quilting.  The red border just has a wavy line.  I had trouble with the binding, but that happens from time to time.  I wish all my UFO's were finished so I could begin new projects with a clear conscience!

Until next time, wishing you a wonderful day filled with Peace & Plenty!    Barb


  1. Barb, that is a beautiful quilt. I'm from Ohio. We got a teeny bit of the storm yesterday morning. Now it's gone on its way to the coast. I found your blog from your posts at MSQC.


    1. Sandra...I've seen you on the forum also. Welcome to my blog. There is a great bunch of followers here and most of them are from the M* forum. Barb