Thursday, February 6, 2014


Today is my husband Jeff's birthday.  He dragged out of bed this morning still sick because he is required to complete training and today is the day.  He's still not feeling nearly well enough to be out of bed.

I bit the bullet and drove to the mailbox this morning and then on to the bank.  White navigating the curve in our road my car began sliding and I nearly missed going into the ditch.  The dreaded ice almost got me again!  I made my bank run and came straight home...not to venture out again anytime soon!  I just heard that our schools will be closed again tomorrow.

I put a roast beef and pot of green beans on to cook about an hour ago.  We will also have Parmesan and garlic mashed potatoes , gravy and Cheddar Bay biscuits for dinner.  I tried making a special birthday torte this morning.  It ended up flowing out of the pan and burning all over the oven, so it was a huge flop!  Ah, the aroma of burnt sugar all through the house....

I haven't been sewing but I have been getting in some good computer time checking out other blogs.  I have gathered more darling ideas than I could possibly ever use.  Quilters are such giving, generous people.  Thanks to everyone of them. 

This evening is the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics.  I pray that everything will go smoothly and the spirit of sportsmanship will prevail. 

Wherever you are, stay safe and warm. 

Smiles ~~~  Barb

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