Friday, February 28, 2014


According to the weather people we are in for yet another blast of frigid weather with ice this weekend.  It's hard to say which components of the storm we will get, as we seem to be on the edge of a weather corridor.  We will wait and see what happens.

It feels good to have a quilt being quilted and I'm looking forward to starting a new project - which will be a UFO.  Most of my UFOs are so old they feel like new projects when I drag them out!  I'm definitely a stronger starter than finisher. 

I have a fairly small sewing project to do for my daughter, who is starting her new career as an Esthetician.  She needs some pillowcases that fit travel pillows to use on her facial table.  I bought a few fabrics for this project a while back.  What do you think ~~~

I think that with these fabrics and what I can find in my stash I can make her a good selection.  The cases will have contrasting cuffs.  I think these will look nice.

Wishing everyone who stops here to visit a great weekend!


  1. Barb, I love your fabric combinations...they will make pretty pillowcases...

  2. I love the colors and the patterns. I can't wait to see them. Thank you Mom! Love you!!