Sunday, March 2, 2014


We woke up to thunder and lightning at 3:45 this morning.  I jumped out of bed to unplug the electronics and Tvs.  Then the sleet came down so hard it sounded like rain hammering on the roof.  We have about 2 inches of sleet with a light layer (so far) of snow on top.  The Missouri Highway Department has declared this a No Travel Day.  We still have our fingers crossed that this is as bad as it is going to get.  We let Dottie & Olive get on the foot of our bed this morning and they curled up and slept there for hours snuggled up in our mink blanket.  We may have created two little monsters who think they can sleep on our bed all the time.  Olive is easy to sleep with but Dottie is restless and she gets off the bed to get water.  When she comes back she cries to be lifted back up on the bed.  Of course this happens on my side of the! 

I haven't cooked anything yet.  We munched on cereal and coffee cake for breakfast.  It's a hot cocoa kind of day for me.

Stay safe and warm if you are in the path of this latest winter blast.  Nothing is worth trying to drive on ice.  I have had misadventures driving on just a little ice two years in a row.  I learned my lesson well and I won't set a foot outdoors until further notice!

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