Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I finished making the items my daughter needs for her new business yesterday.  Everything is boxed up and ready to mail later this morning.  I'm also sending off two little quilts for a Bereavement group I belong to at Missouri Star Quilts.

The staff at the hospital where these will be sent are doing a touching thing for the parents who lose a child.  I pray that my meager efforts will be a comfort to them.  These two quilts are just 19"x19". 

I did some reorganizing in my sewing room yesterday.  I had some old yarn on hand that was occupying a large cubbyhole in my fabric cabinet, so that has been bagged up to be donated to our community center.  I now have a roomy (already filled) place for juvenile and baby prints.  I seem to make a lot of items for youngsters lately.  Speaking of my sewing room, here is a rare spontaneous peek at what's going on behind closed doors ~~

I have three double-door cabinets for fabric storage.  Cabinet #1 holds blacks/grays, pinks/purples, greens, browns, blues and oranges.  The cabinets are deep and in the back fabric is rolled onto comic book boards and placed standing up like little soldiers.  Everything one yard and larger goes onto the comic book boards.  Smaller amounts are folded like fat quarters and are lined up in plastic shoe boxes.  Then you can see additional fabrics and folded and placed in front.  Yes, there's a stuffed owl and a jar of old buttons on the green shelf.  The drawers are wide and wonderful and hold miscellaneous notions and embroidery hoops.  On the bottom right is my stash of stabilizers for machine embroidery.  Okay, ready for more...

This is cabinet #2.  You will notice as we progress that each cabinet gets progressively more messy!  This cabinet holds white/creams, reds, holiday fabrics and batiks.  The third shelves (right and left) hold a growing stash of precuts.  I consider this a stash within a stash.  On the left are charms and jellyroll precuts.  On the right are layer cakes.  More wonderful drawers that hold rotary cutters, needles/pins and assorted small rulers and templates.  On the bottom left and right are some projects in the works and assorted bottles of Best Press and Bounce pressing spray.  Here we go....

Cabinet #3 holds solids, my UFO shelf (second on left), yellows/golds, 1930's reproduction fabrics, 108" wide quilt backings and /baby/juvenile fabrics.  On the bottom left are large cuts of fabric (4 yards or more) and on the bottom right is a Featherweight machine and more bottles of pressing spray.  The drawers hold quilt blocks, assorted strips, orphan blocks and bindings.  The jar inside the yellow/gold shelf holds hexagon papers.  The tiny basket on the quilt backing shelf is full of thimbles. 

I have a bit of space between the cabinets and the walls and that's where I store bags of batting and other miscellaneous items.  I need to do something soon about my thread storage.  I machine embroidery and I have hundreds of spools of embroidery thread.  Hubby has promised to make me a special storage shelf/rack.  My large cutting mats hang on a hook behind the door.  I keep a large cutting mat to the right of my sewing machine and a 24"x24" pressing board to the left of the machine.   

This is not the limit of my stash.  My sewing room also has a closet full of flannel, battings, bolts of fabrics, quilt tops waiting to be quilted, etc.  I refuse to open that door for anyone!  I consider my sewing space to be organized chaos but I can always find what I'm looking for, so it must be working for me.

Add two curious Scottie dogs to the mix and my life is complete!

Thanks for looking!  Have a great day!!

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  1. do not EVER say that looks a mess. It looks like heaven compared to my system. Trust me on that one.