Friday, March 14, 2014


The project of making pillowcases, pillow covers and runners for my daughter is coming along quite well.  Take a peek....

The project has morphed into the kitchen. and taken over the table and the island.  These are a few fabrics I've been working with.  All are from my stash.  Above are eight more cases rolled into tubes waiting to be stitched and transformed into something recognizable.  Here are a few more of the cases I finished yesterday....

The blush cases in the top photo are my daughter's favorites.  She also really likes the bamboo print in the second photo.  The bottom cases are my favorites.  Both of the fabrics are unique.  The green cuff is so much like silk it's incredible. 

Although this project is fairly simple sewing there is a lot of cutting.  When you make standard pillowcases you are working with the width of the fabric, but not so for travel pillows.  If you are interested in making tube pillowcases (no raw seams) there is a great tutorial at Missouri Star Quilt Company.  They also have a YouTube site with their tutorials.

Last night I took my machine apart to remove lint that has been piling up the last few days and it really wasn't as bad as I thought.  Today I can start out with a clean machine and a new needle. 

Wishing you a good Friday and a wonderful weekend.  I will try to post a little on Sunday.  Tomorrow is going to be impossibly busy for us.

Wishing you bushels of Peace & Plenty! 

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  1. These pillowcases are awesome! I love making them too! I must agree with you, Missouri Star Quilt Company has the best tutorial on You Tube for these!