Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Welcome to the new followers here. So glad you dropped by!

We are still pretty much iced in.  My garage door won't open and Hubby doesn't want me to force it for fear the rubber seal will be damaged.  So I'm still suffering from Cabin Fever until this Ice Age begins to melt.

Yesterday I was wishing I had a little bit of hand sewing to do.  Since I had nothing I made a small bereavement quilt for a group I belong to that provides small quilts to the parents of stillborn babies.  This gives them a little something to bring home from the hospital. 

The little quilt is made from nine 5-inch squares with two little borders and a touch of machine quilting.  I used my Baby Lock Sashiko machine for the quilting.  It replicates hand quilting on the top side but there is a straight line of stitching on the back.  The Sashiko machine only stitches straight and doesn't go backwards.  You can adjust the length of the stitch and also the amount of space between stitches.  This is a beautiful machine with loads of possibilities for quilting, home dec and crafting. 

I'm heading off to the kitchen now to put together some ricotta/parmesan stuffed shells for our dinner tonight.  I will serve them with chicken parmesan and a salad. 

Wishing you a wonderful day...Barb


  1. many years ago I would have loved a little something to bring home but ,memories are as strong as ever .
    it is a lovely quilt and a lovely gesture .

  2. Cottonreel...I had the same empty arms experience. Anything to cling on to would have been a comfort. I feel blessed to be able to offer a little something to the parents who have lost their child.