Monday, March 3, 2014


We have about three inches of snow on top of two inches of ice currently.  I took the Girls out twice today to take care of business and Miss Dottie was totally frustrated because she can't smell through the ice and snow.  Poor little thing, she plunges her nose as far down as it can go and she comes up gasping for air because her nostrils are filled with snow.  This is a big adjustment for two former California Scotties.  Sweet Olive is much more adaptable than Dottie, but she's younger and that can make a difference.  The Girls have polar opposite personalities and traits. 

I'm in the mood to do some Spring Cleaning.  Before we go too far into this topic, what I think I'm really in the mood for is opening the windows to air the house out.  Tomorrow I plan to tackle Jeff's closet.  He has quite a number of old shirts that need to go bye-bye.  They are beyond wearing or even cutting up for quilts.  We have a small house and a we both store quilts in one corner of our closets because we don't have a proper linen closet.  I will make sure our next house has a walk-in linen closet.  I had one of these gems once and it was my favorite spot in the house. 

In the meantime, I finished paperwork that had priority over sewing today and tomorrow after cleaning Jeff's closet I will sew the rest of the day. 

I hope you are warm and safe and doing something that makes your heart sing!

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