Tuesday, March 25, 2014


A few months ago I made some circle blocks from a tutorial from Missouri Star Quilts.  I can no longer locate the tutorial and wish I had saved it on my computer. 

I used three layer cakes, two solid white and one printed.  I very carefully cut 6.5" circles out of the center of the printed squares.  Then the cut-out circles were machine appliqued to the center of a white layer cake square and the 'frames' of printed fabric that once held the circles were laid on top of white layer cake squares and stitched 1/4" around the circle.  I later decided to trim away the white fabric on the back of the 'frame' pieces to eliminate bulk in the seams for myself and my LAQer.  This sort of raw-edge applique will fray a little when the quilt is washed which I think adds to the charm. 

The fabric line I'm using is called Zoe and it's sort of retro and sort of chic.  Jeff thought it was odd at first, but since I'm sewing rows together he loves the clean lines. What do you think?

There are three more rows to add and then I have to make a decision about a border.  I know I will add a narrow white border around the outside whether or not I add a larger border.  To my eye this quilts borders on being Modern style and doesn't necessarily need a border.  I would love your input.  I think this will be our Summer 2014 quilt. 

I make a bright quilt every Summer.  Here are our summer quilts from the last few years ~~



One of the best things about being a quilter is that I can step outside my comfort zone and go wild with color and design. 
The Summer Bazaar quilt was super simple to make with two sizes of tumblers and a layer cake by Ty Pennington. 

The Jellyroll Race quilt was made from one jellyroll by Amy butler called Soul Blossom and a little extra fabric for borders and binding.  This became my granddaughter's quilt along with some matching pillowcases. 

The Tomato Quilt was made from scraps from my stash.  Jeff grew wonderful tomatoes last year and this quilt will remind us of Summer 2013.

Do you dare to step outside your comfort zone and make something that lightens your heart and makes you smile! 

Wishing you a day filled with Peace & Plenty ~~~  Barb


  1. I love it Barb! It's very modern and crisp looking with the white background. All your quilts are great.

  2. I don't think I could pick a favorite of the quilts you posted. You know how partial I am to circles, lol, but gosh I am so twitterpated by the tomato quilt. That is just fabulous and very creative.
    Love love love everything you do. You have a great eye for color combos

  3. I love the circles quilt. I prefer straight lines, well I am terrified of curves, so I admire your work even more. The colors are so cheerful :-)