Monday, September 22, 2014


I took the Girls out for a walk early this morning and Fall is definitely here ~~~  at least for today. 

I wish you could smell how wonderful the house smells with a Pumpkin Dump Cake baking.  I can smell the cinnamon, pumpkin and pecans baking together.  Later today with some sweetened whipped cream we will have our first taste of Fall.

I also took the Summer quilt off our bed this morning, washed it and packed it away until next Summer.  An old favorite is on our bed now.  I didn't make this quilt but it's one of our favorites just the same.  This is a quilt I don't mind the Girls sleeping on without protection.  It washes beautifully and has served us well for many years.  The Fall colors are easy to live with ~~

I have a large batch of stew meat cooking in the slow cooker and some homemade dinner rolls are rising.  Jeff is going to be thrilled with his dinner.  I haven't done my usual amount of cooking lately and it felt really good to be in the kitchen again.

Wishing you a fantastic Monday!

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  1. The cake sounds tremendous and I love the name, is there any chance of seeing the recipe, I have some butternut squash that is as sweet as honey and is screaming to be made into cake.