Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Our weather has been brutal for several days with extreme heat and humidity.  It's the perfect time to stay indoors most of the day and tend to the hummingbirds and other critters we feed in the cool of the morning and evening. 

I have been working on the Pinwheel On Point & Fence Rail quilt a bit.  I'm to the point of sewing the blocks into rows.  This has been fun to make but has taken me quite a bit of time.  Here's what I have so far ~~~

This pattern looks more difficult that it really is.  The pinwheels are formed when four patches are joined together.  Note how you can see half pinwheels on the bottom and top rows.  You can watch the tutorial at Missouri Star Quilts.  I used a patriotic fabric line called Heart of A Nation and added some Civil War prints from my stash.  It's still very much a work in progress.  I did something a little out of the norm and cut and pieced the borders before I have the quilt center finished.  Yesterday I went to our local fabric shop and bought the batting and backing, so I must think I will finish it sooner than later!  Jeff really likes the look of this quilt.
What are you working on this Summer?  I love hearing about your projects.
Wishing you all a blessed day.....Barb

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  1. I'm in love with the fabric line you chose! :) it's so pretty!
    Since you ask... I'm working on too many things :) most importantly I'm handquilting a quilt for my sister and she knows absolutely nothing about it :) it's gonna be a surprise for her birthday!
    Plus two of my friends are going to become moms so... two baby quilts to create! YAY! :)