Sunday, June 19, 2016



Yesterday was a typical Midwest Summer day, drenched in sunshine and humidity.  Jeff and I decided to take an hour or so and visit a few of the flea markets in town.  Jeff was looking for some old fishing reels and I had my eyes open for any vintage Tupperware in great condition.  I got lucky and found two pieces of Tupperware that look brand new, a celery keeper and a deviled egg container.  I remember these pieces from when I was a young wife and couldn't afford to buy much at the never ending Tupperware parties I attended. 

While we were exiting a flea market I asked the owner if she by chance had any Singer Featherweight machines and she promptly lead me to a glass display case with a nice little Featherweight, but the price was $350 and it had no case.  She wouldn't budge a cent off that price.  I declined and then she asked me to wait a minute and she came back with an old motor oil box she had to dig around to find and in it was the cutest little Featherweight machine.

The machine belonged to her husband, who got it at a yard sale, and he wanted $275 for it and not a penny less.  We checked it out and it ran but it was filthy and needed a bit of TLC.  There was no case, booklet or accessories, so I offered her $75.  She was a little offended but told me to leave my phone number and she would run it by her husband, but she was positive he wouldn't accept anything less than the full price. 

A few hours later the call came and our offer was accepted.  This is a dream of a little machine.  She was cleaned, oiled got a new needle and she runs like a deer and purrs like a kitten.  Her birthday was 1952.
I don't consider myself a Featherweight collector ~~~  I just love these little machines and this one is #4 in my non-collection.  Her name is Ruby (after my Mom).

If you are on a quest to find a FW for yourself,  I encourage you to dig when you visit flea markets and ask if they have any.  Don't be afraid to offer considerably less than they are asking.  There just might be one waiting for you in an old box.....!!

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